Open source technology provides sorely needed flexibility in procurement models for schools

  —  10.04.2013

Keywords: open source, dream, Haltu, schools, Dream School, cloud services.

A contract was signed between Haltu Ltd and the Finnish basic education authority in Kauniainen concerning the maintenance and further development of the cloud based Dream School learning environment. It was subject to public tendering in January 2013. The contract extends over several years and brings to the market an electronic services procurement model that is groundbreaking in the public sector.

"We feel that this particular public tendering process is a significant step in the right direction. The client required a product that is based on open source code and even specified that all extra features developed during the contract period should also be published as open source." says CEO Mikko Sävilahti from Haltu Ltd.

Open API's are an important feature of the contract. The requirement to use open interfaces enables a smooth integration of services provided by other entities. That way they become a seamless part of the learning environment. This puts different suppliers in an equal position. The client is empowered to choose its own suppliers. For instance in Kauniainen the server environment is provided by Elisa corporation, Google Apps services by Gapps Ltd and student register services are produced by Opinsys Ltd.

In addition there are other learning services provided by suppliers like Core Factory Ltd, Flow Factory Ltd and

"Choosing an open technology environment that enables flexible procurement process for cloud services was a natural choice from the client point of view. It is important that the services can be introduced and used immediately without separate installations. It is a great feature that the school can define what they want to pay for, without involving unnecessary intermediaries, states Allan Schneitz, representative for the city of Kauniainen.

Haltu Ltd's goal is to introduce the technology to wider audiences. The concept works well also for businesses. All services a business needs are available using a single sign-on and through one registration from one place. There are several projects of this type underway and more business continues to build up.

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